A.R.P.: Artist Residency Program - Venezia

The daytime residency will be located in the Studio/Gallery of AKKA Project, situated in the cultural and artistic heart of the Venetian lagoon. ‘AKKA Project - Artist Residency Program - Venezia’ welcomes creatives from Africa, both established and emerging, who wish to broaden their cultural and artistic horizons. 
This residency complements the artistic and cultural program of AKKA Project, a gallery  promoting contemporary art from Africa, through its venues in Venice, Dubai, and soon Switzerland.
The artistic residency is one of the means through which AKKA’s mission supports the artists. The residency allows them to explore and challenge their creative processes in an international context. The residency is annual and lasts for a maximum of three months. 
The participant will live an enriching experience within the city of Venice and the Italian territory. This experience will create new points of encounter and interaction with the local and international cultural heritage and artistic scene. In fact, AKKA Project organizes a diversified educational program built according to the ambitions, interests and techniques of the hosted resident. Thus, it will allow greater connectivity between the artist and the territory, giving him a broad overview of the cultural environment. In addition to the visits to artistic sites of Venice and Italy, the artist will be invited to participate in talks, workshops with local artists, and other activities.
At the end of the residency, is concluded with an exhibition, showcasing the body of work which will summarize the research and exchange that took place during “AKKA Project Artist Residency Program - Venezia".