Leila Rose Fanner

Artist in Residence 2024
AKKA Project is thrilled to announce the selection of South African artist Leila Rose Fanner for the 11th edition of the AKKA Project | Venice Artist Residency Program.
The residency will take place from 
June to August, 2024, at AKKA Project Venezia.
"The dominant focus as I work is the quality of my thoughts and the connection to the refinement of emotion during my creative process. I try to create from a place of inspired action or enthusiasm. The process of art creation can be a deeply cathartic experience and painful thought patterns are often evoked. Dwelling on unpleasant thoughts is weirdly addictive and hard to be aware of and avoid. Solitude also evokes deeply held memories and emotions. Therefore, keeping my focus clear, honest and joyful is a discipline similar to meditation. My subject matter is either figurative or abstract representations of the ‘dream or unseen’ world, filled with versions of South African flora and fauna. In a sense, I am painting an altered state, a liminal world between here and the plane of thoughts and dreams”
The outcome of the residency will be showcased in Leila's first solo exhibition at AKKA Project Venice later on during the automn season in 2024. 
To see the development of the residency check our social channels and the travelogue.
14 May 2024