Osaru Obaseki

Artist in Residence 2024
AKKA Project is thrilled to announce the selection of Nigerian artist Osaru Obaseki for the sixth edition of the AKKA Project | Venice Artist Residency Program. The residency will take place from January to April, 2024, at AKKA Project Venezia, in collaboration with the Berengo Foundation, Murano.
Born in 1993, Osaru Obaseki is a emerging force in the realm of multidisciplinary visual art. With a signature flair, she blends sand and acrylics, merging together two distinct eras - the ancient and the modern. Her artistic range spans the domain of bronze casting, where she masterfully channels the historical heritage of this ancient technique, employing the lost-wax method to bring innovative contemporary forms to life.

In collaboration with the Berengo Foundation, the artist has the opportunity to cast her sculptures in glass, under the skillful guidance of the maestros at the Berengo Studio in Murano. This experience opens up new perspectives for dialogue and interaction with cultural heritage.

The outcome of the residency will be showcased in Osaru Obaseki’s first solo exhibition at AKKA Project Venice later on during the summer season in 2024.
To see the development of the residency check our social channels and the travelogue.
24 January 2024