The Urban Landscape: Group Exhibition

13 July - 31 August 2020 Venezia
“I draw eyes which represent the look on Africa. I like that people have to search for different stories.”
- Rodrigo Mabunda

The Urban Landscape is a collective exhibition dedicated to city landscapes and urban life, beyond social distancing. The exhibition begins by presenting the inhabitants of this urban landscape, the XXIst century human beings.

Gonçalo Mabunda captures the gaze of the passerby, presenting the Metamorphosis of a humanoid face with his Untitled work.

Linda Hollier with her Gliding figures in colourful clothes.

Vincent Osemwegie presenting his candid and delicate face, created through a happening performance that disorients the visitor, while faced to the unknown future of a newborn generation.

Ronex Ahimbisibwe with whom eyes are captured by the bright and musical colours of an imagined African city which introduces the sharp geometries and folded perspectives of urban landscapes.

Rodrigo Mabunda with his chaotic rhythm and assemblage of bodies that evoke the busy life of a metropolis.

Peterso Ndunde who ends the exhibition with a drawn statuary figure holding an apple which leaves the visitor an unanswered question: which destiny and redemption awaits the urban landscape of tomorrow?