I Have a Dream!: Group Exhibition

31 August - 16 October 2021 Venezia
“These abstract forms evoke the human body and my identity-responsive practice where I refashion my self-image and transcend a painful upbringing that left me shattered and broken. I literally ‘re-stitched’ myself together. These liberated ‘souls’ are depicted ‘dancing’ on the canvas, bringing to mind, well-dressed African women celebrating.”
- Lizette Chirrime
AKKA Project is pleased to present I Have a Dream, a group exhibition dedicated to artists from the African Continent. The exhibition is part of ArtNight Venezia 2021, dedicated to the 1600 years of Venice and the anniversary of the 700 years since Dante’s death.
“I Have a Dream” aims to investigate the concept and the meaning of Dreams with its different facets and shades: 
The dream for Lizette Chirrime from Mozambique who plays with textiles and abstraction and gives life and materiality to her fears and dreams. Presented at the show is  a work entitled The Africa Dream, a big tapestry where the patchwork that forms figures gives the space to her personal dream to find and meet the African one, the dream for a better and a more peaceful future with no more blood. 
Julius Agbaje, Nigerian artist that emphasizes the problems of our modern quotidianity, between masks and social networks with pop brushstrokes and bright colors. Bodies without heads or faces that underline the artist’s desire, his dream for a world that finds back its humanity.
And again Ethiopian artist Workneh Bezu who often draws angelic figures in his paintings, in a mix between dream and reality, capable of bringing the viewer’s mind into a luminous dimension.
Lizette Chirrime
Workneh Bezu Kassa 
Rodrigo Mabunda
Tania Babb
Ronex Ahimbisibwe
Reinata Sadimba
Julius Agbaje
Dennis Muraguri
Lincoln Mwangi

Frédéric Bruly Bouabré