Zurich | Pop up exhibition: Group Exhibition

17 September - 20 December 2021

“Artistically and personally I learnt the need to exercise more patience with myself and my work, the more time you give a painting, the better it becomes.”

Organized in a unique setting in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland, AKKA Project is pleased to present Zurich PopUp Exhibition.



Goncalo Mabunda 

Gonçalo Mabunda, born in 1975 in Mozambique and currently based in Maputo, gives anthropomorphic forms to AK47s, rocket launchers, pistols, and other objects of destruction. His work takes on a striking Modernist edge akin to imagery by Braque and Picasso. The deactivated weapons carry strong political connotations and convey a positive reflection on the transformative power of art and the resilience and creativity of African civilian societies.
Teddy Mitchener
Teddy Mitchener was born in 1972 in Washington DC and he is currently based in Nairobi, Kenya. In his series Disappearing Africa he witnesses and represent the erosion and domination of African people, the death of originality, the death of authenticity and the cheapening of information and communication; the slow erosion of our own true African selves and what held for millennia is slowly passing away in the face of modernization and with the least amount of resistance. This creative concept was birthed during a photo shoot of the ethnographic collection of African masks at the Cultural Heritage Centre in Arusha, Tanzania, and is presented to showcase conceptually, the cultural erosion that we are witnessing among the so-called millennials and within the public discourse.