Luis Sozinho Mozambique, b. 1988

"And between everything and nothing there are drops of love and many more things that I still don't know or that maybe I'll never know again."
Luís Sozinho was born on March 20, 1988 in the Nacala-Porto District in Nampula, northern Mozambique. He has been drawing since an early age like any other child.
The interest in Plastic Arts (drawing, painting, writing and other things) arises in the search for protagonism guided by the desire to share feelings and ideas, based on their perception and conception of life and their world - When a child is still feeling smaller and ignored, as if the word or the voice were monopolized in adults or physically robust. 
After a bit of searching for oneself, the passion for Nsope (traditional rope jumping dance originating in the northern region of Mozambique and performed mostly by women), for the Circus and Theater, for the puppet and his dances - Known, today, the forms and the poetry of his artistic practices entangled between themes and concepts and in the people's daily reinvention, the ability to adapt between pains and joys or other things, his construction of a persona in a universe of ideas and profiles; their experiences and survivals amid fantasies, honesty, loyalties, hypocrisies and etc. they are, for him, elements or facts that determine the concept for his work.        
Facts treated plastically under the symbolism of stylized costumes, dance and so on as a form of words for a verse, for possible visual and or psychological poetry. Where the characters are, for the most part, dominated by circus props yet to be, as they are incognito characters metaphorizing their translation of human behavior, other beings and non-beings of the world, contemporaries.