Armand Boua | Ivory Coast

Born in 1976 in Ivory Coast, Armand Boua illustrates his works based on the lives of street kids who testify to the violence and political struggles in West Africa. He wanted to show the lives of these street children in a way that not so many people can relate to. 

Having studied in the National School of Fine Arts and the Technical Centre for Applied Arts both in Abidjan, he immersed himself deeply in the artistic world, depicting the real issues of the young volatile children. His principle is one born out of an engagement with found material, to which he applies his signature forms that invoke images and scenes in remembrance. 

Boua is noted for his textured and layered compositions, using tar and acrylic on found cardboard boxes. Each layer is applied and then scrubbed and stripped back, leaving abstract forms that come in and out of focus.

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