Osaru Obaseki featured in Glasstress 8½

AKKA Project is thrilled to have our Resident Artist, Osaru Obaseki, featured in the internationally renowned exhibition Glasstress 8½ at Berengo Studio in Murano, Venice.

Glasstress represents Adriano Berengo's endeavor to advance the integration of glass within the realm of contemporary art. Originating in 2009, the inaugural Glasstress exhibition aimed to forge a fresh platform for artistic expression using glass, and it was initially established as a Collateral Event of the Venice Art Biennale.

During her residency at AKKA Project Venice, Osaru Obaseki had the chance to spend some time at the Berengo Studio in Murano, embarking on a fascinating journey that combined tradition with innovation, casting her sculptures in the luminous medium of glass under the expert guidance of the studio's maestros. Osaru observed the meticulous process from beginning to end, starting with the creation of her clay model. With each step, from firing the piece in the furnace to sandblasting and polishing, she gained a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of glass casting. All the artistic endeavors culminate in the grand inauguration of the exhibition Glasstress 8½ curated by Umberto Croppi. 

The show runs from April 19th to November 24th, 2024. Do not miss the chance to visit Berengo Studio in Murano and to see the stunning creation by Osaru Obaseki.

18 April 2024