Fabric of Dreams. Towards a Technodiversity

AIL Exhibition featuring Cyrus Kabiru
The exhibition Fabric of Dreams. Towards a Technodiversity opens on March 16th, 2023, at AIL - Angewandte Interdisciplinary Lab - at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, and it is curated by Elisabeth Falkensteiner and Clemens Apprich.
AIL presents itself as a platform for art, science and artistic research, and it aims at broadcasdting the research landscape of the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
Fabric of Dreams focuses on the challenges and promises of digital technologies, and it seeks to address the challenges posed by current technological transformations to art and artistic practices. The show ultimately seeks to contribute to the project of building a variety of futures, a true technodiversity, and to explore the in-between spaces of our socio-technical situation. It raises the question of how we can escape a singular vision of technology and its rather definitive configuration as a fully automated machine intelligence.
AKKA Project's artist Cyrus Kabiru is among the participants in the exhibition. Kabiru is known for his innovative and striking sculptures and eyewear made from found objects and recycled materials, which explore themes of identity, consumerism, and technology. His inclusion in Fabric of Dreams. Towards a Technodiversity, suggests the crucial role of contemporary artists in rethinking and reimagining our technological present and future, and it provides the artist with international and prestigious visibility.
16 March 2023