Analogue Social Media

Cyrus Kabiru x Moleskine Foundation
Analogue Social Media by the artist Cyrus Kabiru is the latest addition to the Moleskine Foundation ArtWork collection.
Cyrus's notebook has been created thinking about the people who are not on social media and love physical books, and pointing out that "what comes first" is the written memory. 
"The idea was to create a book that shows my personal Instagram page so that, even without Internet, people can access this information and see my works", says the artist, "While I was in residency at AKKA Project in Venice, in October 2021, social media shut down for about 5 hours: this episode sends a clear message that we cannot rely only on technology and that our written memory should persist no matter what". 
Cyrus Kabiru's contribution to the Collection marks yet another addition amongst hundreds of personal stories brought out by creative minds and continues to inspire individuals and communities worldwide.
Congratulations Cyrus!
9 December 2021