Franklyn Dzingai Zimbabwe, b. 1988


“I enjoy the spontaneity of drawing, while printmaking challenges me to work with economy of means. I concentrate on essentials so that I can evaluate a concept and its alternative solutions.”

Franklyn Dzingai Rima was born in 1988 in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe, he currently lives and works in Harare, Zimbabwe. 
Dzingai prefers using cardboard for printing relief using the reductive method. Collage and drawing are often incorporated into his prints. His prints are typically vibrant in color and ornate in design.  Frankyln sources his images from books, magazines, newspapers and family photos. Themes such as social interactions and personal memories are found in his works.
Franklyn is one of the few artists in Zimbabwe who focuses on printmaking and has perfected the cardboard printing method. This has led him to win many awards at various shows and exhibitions in Harare.