Butcheca Mozambique, b. 1978


“The thought, the face, the first impression hide an identity, they are shells that cover the truth.”

Moisés Ernesto Matsinhe Mafuiane, also known as Butcheca, is a self-taught artist born in 1978 in Maputo where he currently lives and works.
The Mozambique-born artist started his career in the early 90's passing through the workshops of Masters Fernando Romão and Naguib and becoming a member of Núcleo de Arte in 1997 where he has been exhibiting his work regularly.
His art speaks through paintings and sculpture and his works carry mystery and arouse curiosity. In Butcheca's vision, visible beings are hidden behind the masks. Faces are a mask, the thought we express is a mask, the first impression we have of a person is a mask. 
In 2015 he won the 2nd prize in the XIII edition of the TDM Biennale and was selected in an international competition for the creation of the graphic image of the 2014 edition of the Sukiyaki Meets the World Festival in Japan.  In the same year, he also benefited from the Moving Africa program of the Goethe Institut to visit the Dak'Arte Biennale in Senegal.