Kadara Enyeasi Nigeria, b. 1994

"I often I listen to different genres of music and whatever mood I get from the artist will come out in the image."
Kadara Enyeasi is a fine art photographer born in 1994, in Lagos, Nigeria, where he currently lives and works.
His work is influenced by an understanding of form, space and perspective, mostly due to his background training as an architect. His early influences stretch from the high concept layered order of the ‘five points’ postulated by Le Corbusier to the classic avant-garde portraits of early West African photographers. Driven by a narrative, his eye, through the camera, always sees something that wills the audience in; the images seeming to riff with the shadows of a serene everyday sexual provocation. 
Principally a photographer, Kadara has recently ventured into experimenting with different media such as painting, sculpture and installation. His work moving forward will focus strongly on gender and sexual rights vis-a-vis institutions and these institutions’ culpability in promulgating specific rights-exclusive agendas.