Doddridge Busingye Uganda, b. 1990

“I like to think of myself as a pervert; my mind decontextualizes, then, I reconstruct. I see and experience things every day, but before I digest them, my mind distorts them to directions that I wish to view them in."
Doddridge Busingye was born in 1990 and lives and works in Kampala, Uganda.
He graduated with a Master Degree in Fine Art from Makerere University, Kampala in 2019 and a Bachelor Degree in Art and Industrial Design from Kyambogo University, Kampala in 2015. Busingye’s work has been collected extensively and exhibited in both local and international exhibitions.
His work dares to share his opinion on sociopolitical, economic and gender ironies of his time. Busingye seeks monumentality through simplified composition, a firm structure, and a harmonious interrelation of idealized forms and colors. His color pallets usually play with balance of contrast and harmony of value, shades and tints. In his portraits, he tends to paint dark bodies but with vivid colors. He endeavors to involve his art directly in the social struggles of post-independence Uganda. His inspirations are first, personal experiences; that is, his way of life, family, relationships, and his world views. His work is also informed by research through books, documentaries, and the current affairs.