The Present
Exploring brave new art and cultural initiatives, AKKA Project presents multidimensional exhibitions and immersive art experiences. We focus on contemporary art, in all its various forms, and building on our solid experience in the international art world, we painstakingly source and select the most fascinating emerging artists from across the globe. The aim is to go beyond the usual one-dimensional offering expected of an art gallery; and instead present dynamic exhibitions which are accompanied by vibrant and spirited cultural occasions: to elevate the gallery setting, with a depth and a pulsating energy, that creates holistic and multi-sensory experiences. Whilst the artists we work with are not limited by geography or methodology, AKKA Project pays special attention to the art from Africa and its diaspora.  We are committed to promoting emerging African artists.

The Past
AKKA Project is the evolution of Create Hub Gallery, the critically-acclaimed and leading art space in Dubai, which is celebrated for hosting some of the most imaginative art experiences held in the UAE, and also for outstanding contemporary African art and cultural events. Whilst we will continue to host exhibitions that showcase African talent, these will be interjected with explorations of emerging art from other corners of the globe. A key difference is that our future exhibitions will run for longer period and be broader in their spectrum, exploring each subject with greater depth.

AKKA Project is more than a re-brand of Create Hub Gallery ‚Äď it is the birth of a new era, a bold new direction to discover new spheres and artistic narratives.¬†

The Future
AKKA Project aims to connect Dubai‚Äės recent and flourishing art scene, with the city of Venice, the legendary host of the old masters and the iconic Biennale. Within the next year we plan to launch an additional gallery in Venice. ¬†From our vast gallery in Al Quoz, located in the epicentre of contemporary art in Dubai, AKKA Project will create a series of exhibitions, that will in turn to shown in our gallery in Venice and vice-versa.

Lidija Khachatourian

Lidija, in a typical year can be found traversing the globe, seeking emerging talent at art events and art hubs that span the Middle-East, Africa, and Europe. With her special focus in African Contemporary Art, she has been producing shows and exhibitions in Dubai since 2014.
Lidija works as international artist representative, art consultant and exhibition organiser as well as curator at AKKA Project.

Kristian Khachatourian

Kristian comes from what he calls the boring world of finance and international trade, and when you meet him at the events he tells you he is there to oxygenate his soul and brain.
Collecting African art since 1990s, lived in Liberia, has a true passion for the continent art scene in all its forms.
Kristian is a dreamer and is an essential contributor to all creative and strategic decision at AKKA Project. You will find him often in Africa, he is the PR all gallery would love to have!

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