Kidane Getaw

"My works are accurate depictions of the world. Forms are twisted without regard to law and are observed to be nicely composed with one another."

Kidane Getaw was born in 1994 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
He did a three-year diploma in painting from Teferi Mekonin TVET College where he earned his certificate in 2017. He graduated in 2021 from Addis Ababa University's Ale school of fine arts and design with a BA in painting.
He draws inspiration from the unknown and the unforeseen aspect of himself, from reality and from nightmare fantasies. He distorts forms and creates aesthetically pleasing compositions aimed to deceive the viewer into thinking that his work is beautiful. Yet his work is a deep comment on the truth about life, that forms are distorted yet presented in harmony, hiding the suffering of reality.
The second part of his work draws inspiration from nightmare fantasies meant to evoke a variety of emotions such as dread, happiness and sadness. His work is extremely complex and gives an accurate representation of reality. His primary medium of work is painting and he draws distorted forms infused in color.