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November 26, 2018
November 26, 2018

The Empowering Feminine Cycle with Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju

Peace, Purpose and Power


The Empowering Feminine Cycle - 2h workshop dedicated to 21+

When we think about power, what comes up? Is it force, money, authority, control, achievement, left brain intelligence, competition, directing, masculine energy? Or is it free flow, creativity, allowing, abundance, emotional expression, intuitive perception, vulnerability, connection, responding, collaboration, feminine energy? Whatever we may think or feel about power, it is essential to understand and embrace it to lead a fulfilling life. 

Many believe that success means achievement, accumulation and external validation. To feel safe, many women have turned away from, minimised or even suppressed their true feminine nature and either burrowed power from masculine energy or become a shadow of true feminine energy...

In a world that is often called a man’s world, this may make ‘logical’ sense to some. We all want to be valued, right? 

The limitation? We feel trapped, drained, insecure, resentful, lonely, disconnected and fearful. We suffer from haute couture fear otherwise know as perfectionism.  We don’t trust people will do things as well as we would so we end up doing most things ourselves and then feeling unsupported…We feel we must work hard for everything. No pain, no gain. In this state we swing between fierce entitlement and dejected guilt. We suffer  from a chronic case of FOPO...This is because the shadow archetypes are activated. They are powerful drivers but not actually disempowering… 

The alternative? Life filled with an innate sense of being tapped in, tuned in and turned on! You feel the sync with the quantum field of infinite possibility and allow  abundance flow through you. You receive in with ease and tune into joy, pleasure and peace with gratitude. You feel supported and powerful as you start living life in a state of positive expectancy, regarding every experience with curiosity and appreciation leading you to always see treasures where others may not... It’s a journey... it’s time to release and receive, it’s time to be supported by life’s beautiful ebb and flow...

During this workshop you'll:

- Shift perspective through better self awareness of your feminine archetypes

- Embrace your shadow and light through more consciousness and compassion

- Activate your healing through power of  awareness and acceptance 

- Receive a life time guidance system for more understanding of self and others

- Recognise the hidden blocks within that keep us from receiving and being in flow

- Discover the secret to being in the truly empowering feminine energy of flow

- Learn to activate the empowering feminine cycle through compassionate self awareness and self love

Location: Al Quoz 1 - Dubai (map)

Date: 26th November 2018

Time: Monday 7.30 - 9.30pm  

Investment: AED 297,-- VAT INCLUDED

Bring a friend promo: AED 247. -- VAT INCLUDED

Duration: 2 hours

Language: English

Coach: Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju

General informations:

  • Your spot is considered secure after the 50% advance payment of the fees. Please note that the advance is REFUNDABLE in case the workshop is not confirmed.
  • We are requesting 10 people to start the course, in case this number is not reached you will be given two options: either to get the full refund or  the course to be rescheduled.
  • Light refreshment will be available. 
  • Bring your own yoga mattress.

About Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju:
My mission as a guide and coach is to help you to reconnect with yourself so that you may magnify your essence and reveal your magnificence to the world.

For further informations and booking please get in touch by email at or call us on 056 7481638.

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