Akka Project Venezia
May 6, 2019
November 24, 2019

Mozambique: Exploring The In Between

Akka Project Venezia

To strengthen the presence of Mozambican art in Venice during Biennale Arte 2019, Akka Project will host a serie of exhibition dedicated to Mozambican artists at its venetian art space.

From paper to fabric, from pen to acrylic, six months of incredible art and events to celebrate and discover its diversity and the richness of its culture. A curated group exhibition of Mozambican Emerging artists will take us to a journey to explore the in between of perception in today’s society.

Six months program is divided in exhibitions and a performing event starting May, 2nd and ending November, 30th 2019. The opening days will be announced separately.  

Participating artists:

Rodrigo Mabunda, Samuel Djive, Santos Mabunda, Lizette Chirrime, Nelly Guambe, Nelsa Guambe, Mario Macilau, Mo Amin, Moira Forjaz

Part 1 - Exhibition: May 6 - July 7, 2019 | 11am - 7pm daily (except Sundays)

Exhibiting artists: Samuel Djive | Rodrigo Mabunda | Santos Mabunda

A collection of works on paper presented by three upcoming artists from the emerging art scene.

Samuel is presenting large works on paper, he is making us travel and experience a bit of his world, a world made of colors and situations, stories to tell and initiatives to take forward. Working mainly with watercolor Samuel is able to transfer his thoughts and his feelings on paper in a very intricate and busy small drawings. Doesn’t go very far Rodrigo Mabunda: recycling packaging material, mainly cardboard, he will draw with ball-pen on the back of it. Rodrigo is telling us stories of everyday life, of places crowed with people such markets, ceremonies or parties, you will find him wondering streets of Maputo for inspirations. Santos on the other side is trying to contain all the chaos  surrounding the stories with geometrically cut colored cardboard giving it the chance to be.

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