Akka Project, Al Quoz 3, 6th Street, Warehouse 4, Dubai
March 17, 2018
April 21, 2018

Africa... & the other 54 countries: Focus on Ethiopia

Akka Project, Al Quoz 3, 6th Street, Warehouse 4, Dubai

Africa is often referred to as one place or one country, when it is world’s second-largest and arguably most diverse continent. With this series we would like to present each Countries for its diversity and singularity. 

A synergy between culture - art - fashion we are presenting a fulfilled experience worth the trip.

Our partners are LightFootTravel as cultural advisor,  fashion brand Efro & Co will showcase their fabulous fusion designs which are inspired by East Africa attire. Dubai-based designer Dina Yassin, who is behind the brand, uses fabrics sourced and processed in East Africa, as well as the talent and innovation of local skilled crafts-people.  The  taste of Ethiopian traditional food will be provided by the highly authentic restaurant, Zagol Betekitfo.

Participating  artists: Yosef Lule, Nahosenay Negussie, Brook Yeshitila, Workneh Bezu, Henok Ayele, Dawit Tefera and Adiy Ashete

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