Rodrigo Mabunda | Mozambique

Born on November 23th 1985, in the city of Maputo.

"I started with art when I was working as a cleaner at an electronics shop. At the time I used to draw on A4 sheets to keep busy and not fall asleep as I had a lot of free time at work. People started telling me that I should draw on a better support because I was wasting my drawings on cheap paper. Then one day I thought about using one of the laptop boxes from work. When I showed that first box to my brother (Gonçalo Mabunda) he encouraged me to work more on boxes. This was in 2015. At the beginning I wasn’t thinking about being an artist, but my brother gave me support and later Kris Khachatourian bought many of my works. I feel that the box led me to become an artist. Before I used to throw the boxes away, but now I can’t anymore. I always see the potential in them. That’s why I sometimes say I’m a dreamer of the streets because I adopt these boxes as if they were street children."

Collective Exhibitions

2018. Núcleo de Arte. Maputo. Mozambique
2018. Joburg Art Fair. Johannesburg. South Africa
2018 "Xitiko Ni Mbaula". Roda Viva. Lisbon. Portugal
2018. Tokyo International Art Fair. Tokyo. Japan
2018. "Redimensão". Gallery 1834. Maputo. Mozambique
2017. " Colecção Crescente". Kulungwana Gallery. Maputo. Mozambique

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