Henok Ayele | Ethiopia

Henok Ayele was born in 1980 in Oromia state of Assella Ethiopia. 

He studied drawing, painting, sculpture at the Fine Art Study Center in Assella, from 1996 to 2001, and he also obtained Diploma in Photography in 2002 from M.V.A.T.C Addis Ababa.

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2018 - Africa and the other 54 countries: Focus on Ethiopia - Akka Project - Dubai

2017 - Art of Ethiopia - Akka Project - Dubai - UAE

2016 -- Addis Ababa: the annual /art of Ethiopia / at Sheraton Addis hotel

2015 -- Addis Ababa: the annual /art of Ethiopia / at Sheraton Addis hotel

2013 -- New York: an international group show at SEE.ME art gallery

2012 -- New York: slide show exhibition on 40story building, by SEE.ME Art gallery

2011 -- Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Contemporary art Gallery E.C.A.G

2010 -- Addis Ababa: monumental sculpture works at Oromo Cultural Center

2009 -- Addis Ababa: Ras Birhan Art Gallery

2008 -- Addis Ababa: Participated on the 100mere canvas painting at Maskal Square organized by UNFPA on the campaign of STOP EARLY MARRIAGE

2007 -- Kenya: at 7th World Social Forum

2007 -- Addis Ababa: Ras Birhan Art Gallery

2006 -- Tanzania: Russian Tanzanian Cultural Center

2005 -- Addis Ababa:  Habesha Art Gallery & Unity University

2004 -- Addis Ababa: British International Study Center

2004 -- Addis Ababa: German Embassy School

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